Who Should Buy the Resound Linx?

The world’s smallest hearing aid is about to be launched. It is a collaboration between the Danish hearing aid firm and Apple the makers of the iPhone and other gadgets.

We are excited about this digital hearing device that uses the new MFi operating system to allow wearers to control how they hear and do so on the fly. This page will tell you what we currently know about the device and explain who it is designed for.

The world’s smallest hearing aid Resound Linx small

One of the nicest things about this advanced hearing aid is that it is tiny. It is the smallest wireless receiver in ear hearing aid that Resound has ever made. 

Size is a big issue for hearing aid wearers. The more discrete a hearing aid is the better it is for the wearer. 

Many people feel very self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid. The LiNX is small enough to be completely hidden by a short lock of hair.

It is so small and light that you will never know you are wearing it. This fact means that it is extremely comfortable. 

On top of that, the fact that it is made by Apple means that it is also likely to be the coolest hearing device. They make great looking devices that are sought after and their hearing aid is no different.

How did Apple help develop the resound Linx?

The best thing about this hearing aid is not its size it is what it is capable of . This product really is a collaboration between two companies that are at the top of their game.

Together ReSound and Apple have found a way to overcome the biggest problem hearing aid wearers have, which is getting the settings on their hearing device just right for them.

Settings that work well when watching TV are not necessarily any good in a crowded restaurant. However, to adjust the settings on an ordinary hearing aid you have to take the hearing aid out and fiddle with little knobs.  This is awkward, impractical and time consuming.

The fact the settings are adjusted manually limits the degree to which you can change the settings. This tiny yet powerful hearing aid has overcome this problem, and many more. You can find out more about its other capabilities further down the article.

Key features and benefits

Resound Linx AppMuch of the excitement surrounds the unique features and the benefits these special features bring to the hard of hearing. Here is an overview. 

Full Bluetooth capabilities – This hearing aid can be paired with any Bluetooth device. This allows the wearer to wirelessly listen to their music, as well as make and take phone calls including video chats. The sound goes directly into the ear making it so much easier to hear clearly.

Additional Bluetooth capabilities – users who pair it with their iPhone or iPad in GPS mode can listen to directions sent direct to their hearing aid.

Ability to change hearing aid settings remotely - Apple has come up with a way to allow you to do this from your iPhone, iPad or other Apple device. For example, users can just boost the bass at a concert or while listening to music.

Live listen – the users of an iOS device can be turned into a microphone. In an environment where there is a lot of background noise this feature is invaluable. It means that the conversation can be sent direct to the hearing aid, allowing the wearer to hear conversation even in busy restaurants.  Another common problem solved.

Save your settings programs – the acoustics of every building is different, which means a hearing aid that works well in one movie theatre may not work so well in another. This is no problem for a LiNX wearer.

They can remotely adjust the settings on their hearing aid. Once they have got the set up just right they can save those settings. When they visit that movie theatre again to set their hearing aid up all they have to do is to push a button, because their phone saves the settings using its GPS capabilities.

Resound Linx review

Currently there are no actual user reviews for the GN Resound LiNX hearing aid. Although it has been featured in the mainstream media, See this CNN feature. The hearing aid is still being tested by a select group, which includes hearing professionals and audiologists. 

However, there is great excitement about the release of this new hearing device. It has already won an award. This year it was featured in the Consumer Electronics Show Design and Engineering Award honoree.

resound linx - made with apple

How do you buy one?

Currently the LiNX is not available in the US. However, as soon as it does become available and we will provide a link out to allow you to buy the LiNX wireless in ear hearing device at the best price. For more information, you can also check out the official website. 


  1. Tony Chamier says

    With my encouragement my wife purchased a pair of GN ReSound LiNX 9 hearing aids, costing over £3500 UK pounds. My wif’e’s says that from an audio perspective the performance is very good.

    The “Unique Selling Proposition” of the LiNX hearing aid is the Apple “Made for iPhone” certification. Unfortunately the connection regularly disengages, so when the iPhone 5 receives a call the audio doens’t come through the LiNX as intended. To reconnect usually requires both an iPhone 5 reboot and removal and insertion again of both LiNX batteries, very inconvenient!

    I have 40 years experience as an electronics engineer in industry. LiNX has great potential however in my view LiNX is today (4 July 2014) an unfinished product that is not ready for sale.

  2. Janet Miller says

    I am on day three of wearing these hearing aids and I am in heaven. Over the past 25 years i have tried twice before to be successful.
    These devices have solved all of the miseries of my former hearing aids. I feel like my hearing is near normal, my voice is not loud in my ear, I do not hear excessive road noise, i can discreetly change my settings using my iPhone, I can hug a person with out the embarrassing squeak from the devices…OK I know only day three But.Still. I am loving it!

  3. Mike G says

    I too am in UK, and after lengthy consideration (and saving) took the plunge and got a pair of Linx 9’s. I don’t normally do the review thing, but in this case I will, because first I’m so pleased with these AIDS, and second because in arriving at the decision to buy I gave weight to other reviews, and I hope mine will help other people arrive at their own decision.
    I’m an experienced aid user, having worn bilateral aids for the past 20-odd years now, and I can safely say that for me these are the best ever.
    Comfort-wise they truly are fit and forget. Day to day sound quality is more than satisfactory, and the programs very helpful – I esp like the Outdoor program as I can now hear speech in windy conditions!
    And I’m very impressed by the depth of sound quality when streaming music from iPhone. Yes, a channel might drop briefly now and again, but the problems mentioned in a previous review certainly seem to have been (mostly) sorted.
    Would I buy again? Certainly! As someone once said, ‘You’ll remember the quality long after you’ve forgotten the price’. Thank you Apple, and thank you ReSound.

  4. June T says

    Can anyone tell me if the Resound Linx 9 hearing aides would be suitable for a 95 year old who doesn’t have a mobile phone and would not be able to cope with any form of technical devices without family intervention. I like the idea of him having clearer hearing as his other aides let him down frequently, I’m just not sure he will understand the technology situation. He’s very independent.

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