Hearing Aids Available in 2014 – Comparison Infographic

There are 100’s of hearing aids and personal amplifiers available in 2014. Theres not just lots of different brands of hearing aids, theres also lots of different types. Wearers can now choose to have an aid that sits in the ear, behind the ear or in the canal. We’ve done all the research and collated the most popular models into a comparison info-graph.

if your looking to jump straight into reading reviews then heres our top rated hearing aids and personal audio amplifiers:

1. Life Ear Personal Audio Amplifier.  This personal audio amp, whilst strictly not a hearing aid is right at the top end of personal devices. Whilst its still priced around $350 its still cheaper than a lot of prescribed hearing aids and for someone with mild hearing loss, it might just do the trick.

2. HearPal by HearPod.  This device is very very discrete and does for the ears what a magnifying glass would do for the eyes. This device is will worth investigating.

3. MSA30X  – If you are just looking for a cheap and cheerful device that will amplify the sound around you then have a look at this “as seen on tv” hearing aid.

Below are loads more makes and models. If you feel overwhelmed by the features and costs then please read out helpful article on how to work out whats value for money and whats not. 


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