Review – The Super Ear Personal Amplifier SE4000

SuperEar SE400

If you are looking for a slightly different type of hearing device, the SuperEar Personal Sound Amplifier Model SE4000 Single Unit is a great option. It looks a bit different from any other devices and works in a slightly different way.

This hearing amplifier works differently from many others on the market. If you have tried in ear devices and not found them suitable for you the SuperEar may well be the solution.  [Read more…]

The EZ 220 EasyUSLife Hearing Amplifier


Easy US Life has been making high-end hearing devices for many years and they are well known and have a good reputation in North America. Recently, they started selling their hearing amplifiers further afield and they are steadily building a good reputation in their new markets too.

They sell a range of sound amplifiers, all of which have slightly different capabilities, which means that most people can find a hearing device that works for them within the Easy Life range.

Here is an overview of their very popular EZ220 model. This is an excellent device, which has a lot going for it. Much of the information that is on this page has been gleaned from user reviews, so we know that it is not just a sales pitch. [Read more…]

A Review of the Clear Hear Amplifier


A good quality hearing amplifier can enhance your hearing enough to make it easier for you to hear again with clarity. This will make your life far easier and offers you the chance to enjoy social occasions and things like going to the theatre or cinema once again.

If you are looking for a hearing amplifier there is plenty of choice. Including hearing aids made be independent firms like ClearHear. This small UK based firm has a reputation for making high quality products that are inexpensive yet reliable. [Read more…]

Sound World Solutions CS50 – A new kind of Bluetooth Hearing Amplifier 


If you have tried hearing amplifiers without success, this page contains some very good news for you. We have found a new type of hearing amplifier that overcomes the issue that most people have with sound amplifiers. It is called the Sound World Solutions CS50. 

On this page, we provide a full Sound World Solutions CS50 review. Here we explain the product features and tell you what actual users are saying about the product.

However, before we do that we want to explain to you the difference between this product and other, older, lower tech sound amplifiers. Once you understand the difference, you will see why we are so excited about this hearing enhancer and why it is such good news for people who have struggled to find an affordable solution to their hearing loss. [Read more…]

Sound Amplifiers For Hearing – The Ultimate Buyers Guide


Last updated on 26th July 2016

>>>Click here to see the full list of sound amplifiers for hearing available today on Amazon…

Welcome to the web’s best guide to personal hearing amplifiers. In this guide we’re going to share everything you need to know about buying a hearing amplifier. Within this guide you’ll find information on:

  • Specifically what a personal hearing amplifier is and how they work
  • How a personal hearing amplifier is different to a hearing aid
  • Who hearing amplifiers are suitable for
  • The safest place to buy on-line
  • Reviews and ratings of audio amplifiers

If you are in a rush and just want to know what the best audio amplifier available in 2016 is then click here to read the full review of the life ear audio amplifier. We think its the best because of its quality and because of the amount of channels it has. And it’s made by accredited audiologists.

[Read more…]

Will the Mammoth XT Mini Ear Amplifying Aid Help You?

Mammoth XT mini

Having difficulty with your hearing can make your life hard. You find it tricky to understand what people are saying, especially at a distance and you can often miss parts of conversations. When you are in larger spaces (meeting rooms etc) or somewhere with a lot of background noise it can be virtually impossible to hear clearly. It is at these times that you need the help of a high quality hearing amplifier. [Read more…]

CS10 Hearing Amplifier – Great Tech, Affordable Price


When it comes to hearing amplifiers and hearing aids it’s possible to spend a fortune on the latest device. When we came across the sound worlds solutions cs10 however, we where shocked at its price tag. For a modestly priced device, users can expect to receive a sleek looking hearing amplifier that packs a punch when it comes to features.

The device feels high end, and with bluetooth and iphone integration buyers, can expect to feel happy and confident with their purchase. Designed to ensure that users are able sounds in any environment via its customisation app, this hearing amplifier has proved popular with hearing loss suffers and with it priced below $300 makes it especially attractive to those looking to make a long term investment in their hearing without breaking the bank. The CS10 can be purchased directly from amazon and its currently eligible for free shipping. 
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Some Great “As Seen on TV” Hearing Aids

As seen on TV hearing aids

If you are looking for an as seen on TV hearing aid you are in the right place. As you know, we are always on the lookout for the best hearing aids and the best deals. 

Our aim is to help our readers to find the right hearing aid for them and do so for the best price.

Surprisingly, one of the best places to find out about new products or get discounts on existing aids is your TV. Our researcher regularly comes across offers whilst watching retail TV. [Read more…]