TV Ears Reviews 2022 – Hearing Aids for Watching TV

If you are losing your hearing and are struggling to hear your TV this page is for you. Here you can find out everything you need to know about buying a TV Ears hearing device that has been specifically designed to work with your TV so that you can hear your favorite TV programs.

This guide covers:

  • What a TV hearing aid is
  • How television hearing aids work
  • What makes these hearing devices different from other hearing aids?
  • Who can use TV hearing devices?
  • Reviews and rating of the hearing amplifiers made by TV Ears
  • The best place to buy them

What is a TV Hearing Aid?

A  TV hearing aid is a device that has been specifically designed to help people to hear their television better. There is a lot of demand for this kind of device, because when people start to lose their hearing, one of the first things they struggle with is watching the TV. 

What makes these hearing devices different from others?

Hearing devices that are specifically designed to be used with televisions work in a slightly different way from devices that are designed to be worn in the ears for daily use. They specifically enhance speech sounds and tone down background noises like the soundtrack. Not to the point where you cannot hear it at all, but enough so that the dialogue is clear.

Regular hearing aids, worn in the ears enhance all sound. This allows people with a hearing impairment to hear cars approaching and things like that as well as speech. As you can see when you are out and about hearing all sound is important. However, it can make it hard to hear a conversation clearer. 

When you are watching the TV to follow the plot you need to hear the dialogue clearer and need to hear the other sounds only in the background. Television hearing devices allow you do this.

How do TV Ears Hearing Devices Work?

There are two main types of TV Ears hearing aids. Some you wear in your ears, others look a bit like a home theatre system or standalone speaker.

Both types of devices work by enhancing the sound of your television. Essentially, they work primarily by cleaning up the sound and enhancing the frequencies, which most people with hearing loss cannot easily hear. Once the sound has been cleaned up, it is crisper and much easier to understand.

This fresher cleaner sound is then amplified and delivered to the room. In families, where everyone is suffering from hearing loss the sound can be delivered into the room via a high quality speaker.

In those families where only some watchers need an aid to hear the television, the headphone type device is best. 

The configuration of these headphones varies. For comfort, most firms make them so that they fit in the ear and can be worn hanging down. This means that you can rest your head on the sofa without the headphones digging into your scalp.

Who can benefit from Using TV Hearing Amplifiers?

One of the nicest things about this type of hearing amplifier is that anyone can use them. In many homes members of the family who do not have any problems with their hearing end up using them.

It allows the kids to enjoy listening to their favorite band while watching them on the big screen without disturbing anyone else in the house. Some people who live in flats use them to ensure they do not disturb their neighbors. 

However, they are really designed for people with hearing loss to use, and it does not matter what the cause of the hearing loss these TV amplifiers will make a positive difference. 

Will TV Ears Work With any TV?

TV Ears makes devices that will work with both analog and digital TVs. They work with most makes and models.

What kinds of devices do TV Ears Make

OK, now you know a bit more about TV listening devices we are going to tell you about the five different versions you can buy. They are all made by TV Ears, who, as the name of their company indicates, only makes hearing devices for TV users. One of the best places to buy TV Ears is via amazon.

The fact that this firm has been working only in this field since 1998 is why they make such good TV hearing enhancement devices. They have a deep understanding of the technology behind TV audio. Knowledge they have used to produce products that make watching the TV a joy again for those with impaired hearing.

TV Ears 5.0 Analog

If you prefer headphones and have an analog television, you need the TV ears analog headset. These headphones enhance the sound of speech while lowering the level of background noise. 

TV Ears 5.0 Analog
  • ANALOG WIRELESS HEADSET FOR TV: Elevate your TV-watching experience with TV Ears Original Wireless Headset System. This analog headset is designed for seniors and those with hearing impairments, it delivers crystal-clear audio for peaceful viewing.
  • AMPLIFY YOUR TV EXPERIENCE: TV Ears analog wireless headphones enhances your TV-watching experience with powerful 120 dB sound and Voice Clarifying Circuitry, making every word crystal clear without disturbing others. Enjoy up to 6 hours of use per full charge of TV Ears Genuine batteries.
  • WIRELESS CONNECTION: TV Ears wireless headset for TV has Voice Clarifying System which connects wirelessly via infrared to your analog TV, ensuring an obstruction-free signal. Plus, benefit from the included System Reset for swift issue resolution.
  • SENIOR-FRIENDLY AUDIO COMMAND: This wireless headset for TV watching empowers you with easy audio control at your fingertips. Enjoy a hassle-free, crystal-clear sound experience. Seniors can control TV volume separate from your TV's remote.
  • PREMIUM SOUND ISOLATION: Immerse yourself in TV Ears, the ultimate wireless TV headphones for seniors. Crafted for unparalleled audio quality, these headphones feature foam ear tips that block distractions, enhancing your comfort and sound experience.

It is a great system because only the person with hearing loss needs to hear the enhanced sound. The television can operate at the volume preferred by the other people, so effectively you get two types of audio being delivered to those watching the TV. 

If you fancy watching TV at night or early in the morning, you can do so without any danger of disturbing anyone else in the home. This applies to everyone because these headphones can be adjusted for use by people without any hearing issues.

To use all you need to do is to connect the transmitter to your TV. If you prefer you can plug it straight into your TV cable box or satellite box. All you need is an analog port on your TV, or box.

The system is wireless and is very compact. You can use the transmitter as a cradle for the headphones when they are not in use. This is great because you always know where they are and do not run the risk of them being sat on and crushed.

TV Ears 5.0 Analog

Because these headphones are worn hanging from the ears rather than sitting on the head they are very comfortable. They do not pinch and will not ruin your hairstyle. 

If you start to nod off while watching TV, they will not wake you up when your head lulls back against the sofa or chair back. These headphones are lightweight, which means once you have been wearing them for a few minutes you easily forget you are wearing them. 

However, if you prefer you can wear them like a regular pair of headphones. The bar is narrow and lightweight, so these headphones are far more comfortable than most other kinds.

Comfort is enhanced by the fact that they have angled foam earpieces. These blocks out all unnecessary background noise, which further enhances your listening experience.

TV Ears 5.0 Digital

TV Ears 5.0 Digital
  • ENHANCED TV LISTENING EXPERIENCE: Elevate your TV-watching with TV Ears Wireless Headsets, perfect for seniors and those hard of hearing. Personalized volume control ensures clear audio without disturbing others.
  • AMPLIFIED SOUND: Experience uninterrupted audio with our wireless headphones for tv featuring enhanced LED power. Quick charge for up to 6 hours of crystal-clear playback. Initial 14-hour charge required for optimal performance.
  • WIDE TV COMPATIBILITY: TV Ears works seamlessly with ALL TVs, from modern digital to older analog models. Bid farewell to sound issues, and enjoy a flawless TV experience with included troubleshooting and system reset guides.
  • FEATHER-LIGHT DESIGN: TV Ears Wireless Headsets weigh only 2 oz, suitable for various TV types, including Digital TVs with Optical/Coaxial connections and older Analog TVs with 3.5mm Auxiliary or RCA/Analog connections.
  • INDEPENDENT VOLUME CONTROL: The TV Ears Headset features large volume/tone dials. Initial 14-hour charge ensures up to 6 hours of usage with TV Ears Genuine batteries. For a hassle-free installation, we recommend setting your audio to fixed mode.

Given the fact that more and more TVs offer digital sound it is now possible to buy a headphone set that is specifically designed to work with digital televisions.  This system allows you to benefit fully from the enhancements offered by modern digital sound systems. They are compatible with all TVs that use Dolby, SRS, or PCM standards. Importantly, they work independently of your television’s speakers.

These headphones look the same as analog headphones and offer the same benefits. However, because the components used inside the headphones are lighter they are even more comfortable. They weigh just 2ozs.

TV Ears 5.0 Digital

Many audiologists recommend this particular form of TV hearing device.

TV Ears 5.0 Dual Digital

The next product in the range is the dual digital headphone system. This is the most powerful TV listening headphone system. It features twice the number of light-emitting diodes of the single digital system.

Instead of one set of headphones, you get two. This is great for couples who are both losing their hearing. The price is also cheaper if you opt to buy two on amazon.

TV Ears 5.0 Dual Digital
  • DUAL HEADSETS, INDIVIDUAL CONTROL: Elevate your TV audio experience with the TV Ears wireless headsets designed for seniors. Enjoy personalized volume and tone adjustments with two individual headsets, perfect for uninterrupted TV watching.
  • POWER-PACKED PERFORMANCE: TV Ears with Twice the Transmission Power. Ideal for wireless TV headsets for seniors. Get clear, crisp sound with this advanced device. Troubleshooting tips included. Unleash the full potential of your TV audio!
  • DOUBLE THE POWER: Elevate your TV Ears experience! Our wireless TV headsets for seniors offer twice the transmission strength. Crystal-clear audio for TV enthusiasts, with an easy system reset guide. Enjoy top-notch sound today!
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT SENIOR TV EARS: Discover wireless TV headsets designed for seniors. Featherlight comfort at 2 oz. Enjoy TV without disturbing others. Lasts 6 hours on a full charge with TV Ears Genuine replacement batteries. Ideal for seniors.
  • DUAL HEADSETS FOR SHARED VIEWING: TV Ears presents two wireless headsets with separate volume and tone controls, perfect for seniors and anyone seeking a customized, uninterrupted TV experience, designed for analog TVs. Enjoy without disrupting others.

TV Ears Long Range Headphones

TV Ears Long Range Headphones are a set of high-quality stereo headphones specifically designed for those who are hard of hearing to clearly hear their television – even while walking around the house.

TV Ears Long Range Headphones
  • PERSONALIZED AUDIO: Our wireless TV headsets for seniors is your personalized audio that prevents TV volume disputes. Follow key charging tips for prolonged battery life. Enjoy up to 6 hours of use per full charge of TV Ears Genuine replacement batteries.

With the TV Ears Long Range Headphones, you’ll hear your TV at a much lower volume than with regular headphones. These headphones provide up to a 50-foot range, which is enough even if you live in a larger apartment, or one with thick walls. 

They also come with an RF transmitter that acts as a passive antenna for your television, which is compatible with digital and analog televisions.

Out of all the products we’ve reviewed, we’re very impressed with how well this product works – it much exceeded our expectations.

TV Ears Sound Bar

The TV Ears Sound Bar is a soundbar that mounts neatly on your wall. It has a very simple design and is very easy to set up, and includes a remote control with an LCD screen. This allows you to easily program the TV Ears Sound Bar to produce the same television listening experience as you would have without the need for an external source.

TV Ears Sound Bar
  • CRYSTAL-CLEAR TV SOUND: Elevate your TV audio with the TV Ears Voice Clarifying Sound Bar, perfect for seniors and the hard of hearing. Enjoy enhanced dialogue clarity without blasting the volume. Enhance your TV setup effortlessly.

The problem with most soundbars, which are just mini speakers, is that they’re designed for watching television and nothing else.

We like the new TV Ears Sound Bar because it allows you to enjoy the overall sound experience of your TV – without all the bothersome background noise. 

TV Ears Sound Bar

It’s easy to install, easy to use, and can be mounted on a wall or even put under your current TV set.

The Sound Bar will allow you to pair up two wireless headsets easily, and the remote control can use this feature.

TV Ears Sound Bar and Headsets

The TV Ears Sound Bar and Headsets bundle comes with two long-range rechargeable wireless headsets, the soundbar, and remote control. 

TV Ears Sound Bar and Headsets
  • BUNDLE SPECIAL: Enhance your home audio with TV Ears – Sound bar, Remote, TV Ears 5.8 Digital System, and 2 Headsets. A versatile wireless speaker system for an immersive experience. Enjoy superior sound with this home speaker bundle.
  • UNRIVALED AUDIO CONTROL: TV Ears delivers a seamless audio experience, eliminating syncing issues and marital sound battles. Take charge of volume and tone for a personalized, harmonious, and enjoyable TV audio solution.
  • UNPARALLELED TV EXPERIENCE: Enhance your TV-watching with 2 TV Ears 5.8 Digital wireless headsets. Enjoy uninterrupted audio, exceptional battery life, and durability. Elevate your TV experience with clarity and freedom.
  • PRECISE VOLUME CONTROL: Master your audio with large, independent dials, achieving up to 120 dB of sound without interfering with your TV's volume. Enhance your TV audio effortlessly, and expand with extra headsets for family comfort.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR VOICES: Our Voice Clarifying Circuitry, a breakthrough by Audiologists and Doctors, ensures pristine TV audio. It minimizes background noise, delivering distinct voices amid music, effects, and loud sounds in TV shows and movies.

This combines the two great systems above into one and is a great option for anyone who doesn’t currently have a TV Ears set up or is looking to upgrade to the new system.

TV Ears Wireless Speaker

The speaker system is essentially a wireless television speaker. It is designed to pick up the audio from the TV, clean it up and deliver it at a comfortable volume into the room. The system uses Voice Clarifying Circuitry that has been specifically designed to enhance the dialogue. 

TV Ears Wireless Speaker
324 Reviews
TV Ears Wireless Speaker
  • Voice Clarifying Circuitry makes television dialogue easy to understand
  • For best use: MUTE TV Volume and use speaker in place of TV Sound not in conjuction with TV Sound
  • Headset jack located on front of speaker accommodates any standard headset or headphones
  • Audio input connection for music player or smartphone - Sleek and compact design with a large easy-to-use volume dial
  • Television and headset volume function separately Works with any brand of television. Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility

You can turn the TV volume right down or turn it off completely if you prefer and enjoy the clean, clear and crisp sound produced by this wireless speaker system. 

It is designed to fit on a shelf or a table near the TV. This gadget looks good and blends in well with modern TVs.

Typically, you get 90dB of volume delivered across the room to where you are sitting. This is loud enough for most people with hearing loss to hear, without it being overwhelming for everyone else in the room.

To install it all you need to do is to plug it into your TV. It works with both analog and digital televisions. If you prefer you can plug it into your cable or sky TV box.

A summary of the features

  • Dialogue enhancement
  • Works with Dolby, SRS and PCM audio TVs
  • Looks good
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • 90 dB volume
  • Easy to install

TV Ears Accessories

The TV Ears Accessories line includes the TV Ears Universal Remote, the TV Ears Advanced RF Transmitter, and the Long Range Wireless Receiver. 

Additional extras include:

1. Transmitter

The RF transmitter is based on a conventional radiofrequency and allows you to use your TV Ears remote control as an RF transmitter indoors without a line of sight. It uses a magnetic base to sit on top of your TV set and connects to your TV via coaxial cable. 

The base connects up to two TV Ears headsets, and you can also use the RF transmitter to use your TV Ears as an intercom system.

2. Digital transmitter

The advanced digital transmitter is for owners of older TV Ears products without a built-in digital transmitter. The advanced digital transmitter can be inserted into TV Ears to use the remote control.

3. Headset

When using TV Ears headsets, you will be able to hear the sound of your television at a much lower volume than when using an ordinary headset. Then, with the remote control, you can freely adjust the volume, as well as your TV’s sound pitch, to make it easier for you to hear. TV Ears headsets also let you use your TV Ears as an intercom system.

4. Battery replacement

While TV Ears batteries are rechargeable, they do offer replacement batteries should you need them, as they have an estimated lifetime of 1-2 years. 

Some customers also prefer the case the replacement batteries come in as opposed to the ones included. However, removing the previous battery is a finicky process, as the screws to access them are very small. 

5. Slide tips

Slide tips are used to connect the headsets to the transmitter. These slide tips hold the headset steady, and protect them from damage. TV Ears sells slide tips in different sizes so that you can easily connect the headset to the transmitter.

TV Ears Cost

TV Ears cost is rather high, but this is understandable because of the high level of performance and quality offered. TV Ears cost $139 for a basic system and they increase in price depending on the accessories desired.

TV Ears Pros and Cons


The sound quality is excellent, even at lower listening levels.

It’s simple to set up and easy to use.

There is no need for additional remote controls on your table or coffee table.

You can save money by using only one headset when several people in the same room use TV Ears.

The main benefit of the TV Ears headset is that you’ll hear the television sound without all of the bothersome background noises that could interfere with your listening experience.

You can use two headsets for a more wide-ranging conversation.

You can combine the TV Ears headset with remote control to get even more value from the headset.

You can even use the TV Ears headset with an intercom system.

The soundbar will make it possible for you to adjust the pitch of the volume so that you’ll hear a more natural and appealing sound.


The headsets are rather expensive for most people, and it might not be worth buying them simply because of this reason alone. However, if you need an excellent soundbar, you’re going to want one that offers great quality but doesn’t break the bank at the same time.

The TV Ears Sound Bar installation is a little more time-consuming than other soundbars. You’ll need to mount it on the wall and place the RF transmitter on top of your television.

The non-remote control versions of the TV Ears headset are not as convenient as they should be, but they provide an adequate experience and are quite sturdy.

It’s not possible to use the RF transmitter and digital transmitter simultaneously.

There is no way to use only one headset with the TV Ears remote control.

The TV Ears products aren’t as user-friendly as they could be.

Alternatives to TV Ears

Some alternatives to TV Ears are also in the same price range, but they offer a very different levels of performance. Examples include:

1. Audiorange ITE-1000 Wireless TV Listening System

The Audiorange ITE-1000 Wireless is a wireless television system that operates in the 818 – 837 Mhz radio frequencies to listen to your television without any obstructions. 

Audiorange ITE-1000 Wireless TV Listening System
  • WIRELESS TV HEADPHONES WITH CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND - Hear your television loud and clear without disturbing others. These great-sounding wireless tv headphones for seniors and those hard of hearing make watching tv with family and friends much more enjoyable. Includes 1 wireless tv headset with 130dB max volume, 1 fast-charging headset dock with extra charging slot for 2nd headset, and 3 sets of uniquely shaped earbuds for maximum comfort while you sit back and enjoy your programs.
  • WIRELESS TV HEADPHONES WITH CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND - Hear your television loud and clear without disturbing others. These great-sounding wireless tv headphones for seniors and those hard of hearing make watching tv with family and friends much more enjoyable. Includes 1 wireless tv headset with 130dB max volume, 1 fast-charging headset dock with extra charging slot for 2nd headset, and 3 sets of uniquely shaped earbuds for maximum comfort while you sit back and enjoy your programs.
  • EASY SETUP, LIFETIME SUPPORT & COMPATIBLE WITH MOST TVs + STREAMING - No pairing, no passwords, no complicated phone app setup. These wireless headsets for television also work with most devices. Included with every wireless TV headphone system are digital optical and analog audio cables to make these hearing amplifier headphones compatible with most TVs. It even works with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, & Prime. U.S.-based Lifetime Customer Support is also included with your purchase.
  • FAST-CHARGING, LONG-LASTING 8-HOUR BATTERY & BETTER THAN BLUETOOTH - Recharging your wireless headphones for tv watching is fast and simple with the sleek, quick-charging dock. It comes with slots for two television hearing devices in case you choose to get more than one. Plus, unlike Bluetooth headphones, our wireless RF headphones have no audio lag. Plus you can listen to your TV and headphones simultaneously and at different volumes, and doesn’t require an app to customize your audio settings.
  • NO TV AUDIO DELAYS OR LAG WHEN USING THESE HEADPHONES FOR TV - Say goodbye to headaches, lip-sync delays, static noise, echoing, and feedback. These high-quality head phones for television allow you to customize the voice clarity with a simple dial on the headset. This is an effective TV headset for elderly, hard of hearing, impaired seniors, and those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

You can use the remote from your couch, or another room in your house – the range is good, and the wireless signal is strong enough to register while walking down the hall or in another room.

2. Sennheiser Flex 5000 digital wireless headphones for TV listening

Sennheiser Flex 5000 digital wireless headphones for TV listening are wireless systems that transmit the audio signal over a UHF radio frequency. The radiofrequency carrier can broadcast the audio signal to numerous different headsets within a single room. The wireless headphones are equipped with a battery life of 5 hours and can last up to 8 hours.

Sennheiser Flex 5000 digital wireless headphones for TV listening
  • crystal clear digital wireless transmission for freedom of movement (up to 200 ft.). connectivity technology : wireless
  • three selectable hearing profiles optimize speech and music playback. speech intelligibility feature reduces tv background noise for greater dialog clarity. volume and balance control
  • digital and analog inputs provide installation flexibility to tv's or other audio devices
  • built in lithium polymer battery provides to 12 hours operation on a full complete charge
  • includes mx 475 ear buds

Where to Buy the Best TV Listening Devices

The full range of TV ears are available on amazon and where possible, we always recommend buying from Amazon. With Amazon you get buyer protection and if anything goes wrong you know exactly who you need to go back to.

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