EasyUSLife EZ220

Easy US Life has been making high-end hearing devices for many years and they are well known and have a good reputation in North America. Recently, they started selling their hearing amplifiers further afield and they are steadily building a good reputation in their new markets too.

They sell a range of sound amplifiers, all of which have slightly different capabilities, which means that most people can find a hearing device that works for them within the Easy Life range.

Here is an overview of their very popular EZ220 model. This is an excellent device, which has a lot going for it. Much of the information that is on this page has been gleaned from user reviews, so we know that it is not just a sales pitch.

Everything you need to know about the EZ220 hearing amplifier

Below is a full list of every feature and function this device comes packed with. Its certainally impressive given the current low price point.(click here to check the current price on amazon)

Affordable – When this hearing device was launched, it was at the expensive end of the spectrum costing around $399. Today, you can find it at this link for as little as $60. It is still a high quality device, but the cost of materials has fallen and the fact the firm is making more units overal has resulted in economies of scale.

Digital Circuitry – The circuitry in this hearing device is made using digital technology. This means every unit is wired accurately and is therefore reliable.

Good Sound Quality –For wearers of hearing devices the quality of the sound they hear is important. Any interference or feedback can be very distracting. It makes it difficult to pick out the individual words of a sentence from any background noise. Some hearing amplifiers do not include any technology to clean up the sound. The 220 has several levels of clean up technology. Here is a summary:

Noise Reduction Technology –This technology reduces the level of background noise.


Feedback Cancellation –Feedback is a huge problem for people who wear sound amplifiers and hearing aids. It makes using the phone near impossible. The problem is that many electronic devices emit signals that can interfere with hearing aids and devices. Much of this can be cancelled out if your hearing amplifier is fitted with the right technology. Unfortunately, some manufacturers still do not fit this technology, but Easy US do and have always done so. 

Digital Volume Control – Accurate volume control is always tricky with most sound amplifiers the volume control is not particularly sensitive. On many devices with analogue volume control there is too much difference between the setting levels to make it easy to find one that works. Digital volume control is much more precise, so most people can find a setting that works for them.

Both High and Low Frequency Channels – There are 15 different channels to choose from, which is important because everybody’s hearing loss presents in a different way. Being able to choose between a range of high and low channels increases the chances of your finding a setting that is just right for you.

Rocker Switch Volume Control – Given the fact that the device is so compact volume control could be problematic. In fact, on some other hearing aids accurate volume control is definitely an issue. The switch to control the volume is often just too small and fiddly for anyone with joint stiffness to operate properly. The rocker switch on the Easy Us Life sound amplifier is one of the best we have seen. It is still small, but it is cleverly designed to be easy to operate.

Easy Use On/Off Switch –Being able to turn the unit on and off easily and still while in the ear is a useful feature. Many hearing aid wearers find that occasionally they need to switch their device off to cut out high noise levels for example, the sound of a pneumatic drill.

Most hearing aids have to be taken out of the ear to reach the switch. With this one, most people can discreetly turn it off and on while it is still in their ear.

Memory Function –Once you find settings that work for you, it is easy to save those settings.

Compact – The receiver in this sound amplifier is very powerful, but small. (Dimensions: 53×16.5×8.6 mm  and Weight: 5g)

Choice of Three Earpieces –There are three sets of earpieces included. This makes it easy to find a set that is comfortable.

Suitable for Both Ears –Unusually, these hearing amplifiers can be worn in either ear. You can wear two if you want.

Low Power Consumption –This sound amplifier uses a high-end 1.5v battery that is designed not to drain. In fact, these batteries have a current drain rating of less than 1.5mA.

Long Lasting Battery – The batteries provided with the device are designed to last for a whole month. Naturally, if you want the same level of battery life you will have to be careful to buy the same make of battery when you replace them.

Carry Case and Cleaning Kit Included – Importantly there is a good quality carry case included. This makes sure that the hearing aid is not damaged or lost. Also included is a proper cleaning kit, which makes it easy to keep your hearing device hygienically clean.

Our Verdict of the The EZ 220 Hearing Amplifier

This device is very sophisticated and at its new price point is a real bargain. To take advantage of this low price we recommend purchasing this device via amazon by clicking here.

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