A Full Review of HearPal

If you have mild hearing problems then Hearpal by Hearpod might be just what you need. This is a unique hearing aid that has been designed to do for the ears what a magnifying glass would do for the eyes. This magnifying device is even available to you without a prescription and it is a very affordable solution as opposed to true hearing aids when you may feel as if you don’t truly need a hearing aid at this point in your life.

This particular device is discreetly small and it comes complete with a control for volume that makes any adjustments a breeze. These devices have been advertised as being great for use in church, lectures, meetings or even just when talking with someone who has a naturally quiet speaking voice. The Hearpal is easy to use and gives you sound quality improvement that is affordable for anyone who needs a bit of a hearing boost.

What are some of the Hearpal benefits?

Some of the benefits of getting a Hearpal are as follows:

  • Hearpals are made to the same exacting standards as prescription hearing aidshearpal best for
  • This device is available to you without the need for a prescription
  • It makes use of digital technology so that you get the maximum hearing improvement
  • The design is small and it comes with pillows in various sizes to fit any ear size
  • Volume control is easily accessed
  • These devices can be manufactured to your specific needs if you send in the results from your last hearing test.

What is the cost of Hearpal?

If you only need one Hearpal, you can get it for $379. If you need a Hearpal for both ears then you can get a pair of them for only $700. Compared to the outlandish costs of most hearing aids and devices, this is a downright steal! This is more than likely due to the fact that this device does not have all of the functions and features that prescription devices have. While this hearing magnification aid is affordable when compared to prescription devices, the cost might still be out of reach of some people.

Is it difficult to find out how to order the Hearpal?

It truly isn’t difficult to find out how to order this device at all. You can either execute a quick search online for them or you could simply click here. Finding these types of things is not difficult at all when you know where to look.

How long will it take my Hearpal to arrive?

The length of time it will take for you to get your Hearpal device(s) is entirely up to you. If you choose the free shipping option then it can take seven to fourteen business days for your device(s) to arrive.

If, on the other hand you choose to pay for two day delivery then you will have it in two business days. This cost is generally around $25.

Are there cheaper alternatives?

In all actuality, there really are much cheaper alternatives. The thing is, will the cheaper alternatives work? The Hearpals may be a more expensive option but, they can be custom made for your needs which cheaper alternatives can’t offer. These also use a technology that is digital…again, not an option with cheaper ones. These come with various pillow sizes to fit any ear size and they are so discreet that people won’t even know you have them in and on. Will the cheaper options give you all of that?

Are they worth it?

hearpal will make you happy

That truly depends on you. How important is hearing to you?

While this device is not a normal hearing aid, but more of a magnification device, the support and warranty won’t be as good as what you would expect with a prescription hearing aid. That said, there is a full six month warranty for things like defects and other related issues. It should be noted that this warranty does not cover things like lost or stolen devices, excessive damage and misuse. You also have the option to get an extended warranty, which may be in your best interest.

Now, aside from the warranty, you do get a full 30 days to try it and see if it will work for you. If within 30 days you decide that this is not for you then you have the option to return it for a full refund.

If you do not feel that you are ready to have hearing aids but you are having difficulties in the hearing area, Hearpal is a good option. While it does cost a bit more when compared to other devices, the technology and features might make it worth the investment. There are some guidelines that can help you make this decision though. While the choice is definitely up to you, this is a discreet device that may truly help you.

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