Hearpods MicroPod Review

How would someone describe the MicroPod?

That is very easy.  If someone you know or love has a problem hearing, it will be obvious. They will often ask people to repeat themselves and generally talk louder so that they can hear themselves. They may turn the TV up to a volume that can be quite irritating to those around them who can hear well.

The problem is often in getting them to admit that they have a hearing problem…especially is the person is very proud.

They may not want to get a hearing aid because in their minds, it will then be obvious that they are experiencing a loss of hearing. What they fail to recognize is that everyone around them is already aware of the problem.

Enter the MicroPod. The MicroPod is a tiny device that fits into the ear and will instantly help with the hearing. This device is one that can be worn without being noticed by others so nobody needs to know that the person is wearing it.

 What hearing impairments will the MicroPod help?

Hearing impairments can be tricky to resolve. People can actually lose their hearing in one of both ears due to wax buildup covering the eardrum. This is remedied by flushing the ear.

Hearing loss can also occur with busted eardrums or age. For those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, the Hearpod MicroPod may be just what you need.

Is the Hearpod right for you?


Determining if the MicroPod is right for you is a personal decision. That said, here are some of the facts and features of it so that you can make a more informed decision.

Hearing aid products used to have a maximum of 4 channels. The Hearpod MicroPod has 32. With other hearing aids, you may have to manually switch channels in order to get the best results in your hearing environment. Hearing environments that the 4 channel models has were for telephone, meetings, conversation and music. Simply having to change the channels can get quite annoying.

Even though the MicroPod has 8 times as many channels, the changing of the channels is done automatically without the wearer ever having to worry about finding the right one.

These hearing aids have better technology than that of other hearing aids because all of the technology used is digital.

Some of the other features that the Hearpod MicroPod has are things like noise management features, volume control that has a configurable adjustment range, a 95 dB dynamic input range complete with HRX headroom extension, 20 bit audio precision and an automatic feedback canceller that gives you a maximum sound gain stability that is enhanced and rapidly adjusts in dynamic feedback situations.

Now, with that said, the MicroPod will run you $995 for one but if you need and order one for each ear then you can get them for $895 each. That might seem like a lot of money. However, cheaper hearing aids can either not work at all, work sporadically or need to be replaced often.  You can go through quite a few of these cheaper hearing aids before even finding one that halfway helps. This can cause you to spend just as much or even more than the cost of the MicroPods.

The thing about the MicroPods is that you get a warranty on them in addition to getting a 45 day money back guarantee. That means that you have over an entire month to see how much you love the MicroPods! If you don’t find that they are for you, simply send them back and get your money back.

You won’t need to send them back though because they are made to your exact prescription and they also come with a variety of pillows so that they will fit comfortably in any ear.

Who else uses the Hearpod?

Your neighbours, co-workers and church members may be wearing MicroPods. Guess what…you will never really know unless you ask them because they are so small that no one can tell you are wearing them.

Where can the Hearpod be purchased?

When you get ready to take back your life and embrace the world of sounds again you can purchase the Hearpod MicroPod right on their web site. The site is easy to navigate and pretty straightforward.

When you are ready to purchase, make sure that you have your prescription so that your MicroPods can be made specifically for you. You can either fax a copy of your prescription to the company or email it.

Once you have placed your order you can have your hearing back in seven to fourteen business days with regular free shipping or you can pay around $25 for 2 day shipping and have them in about 2 business days.

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