Hearpods – A Detailed Comparison Guide

HearPod is a leading online manufacturer of high end, cutting edge digital hearing aids. Currently, as of now in 2014, they sell 3 different types of hearing aids.  This article will give you a detailed comparison top help you work out which one you need as well as explain how to safely buy this digital hearing aid. 

Who are Hearpod?

Hearpod is a company that makes hearing aids at a more reasonable price than most. It was founded by Randy Wohlers who is a hearing specialist himself.

Hearpod hearing aids are made to be good quality ones that have the ability to be self-adjusted in your own home. These are the most comfortable hearing aids too.

Hearpod is able to make their hearing aids at a cost that is more reasonable than others because they are sold directly to you. This cuts out overhead from physical stores, distributor costs and middle man fees.

You can choose these hearing aids to come to you as custom or pre-programmed. Custom means that they will be designed to your most recent audiogram and pre-programmed means that you can choose your level of hearing loss from the three options provided.

What is the Invisipod?

The Invisipod is a hearing aid made by Hearpod. It is a 32 channel hearing aid that works with digital technology. This particular hearing aid has a directional microphone and an Open Fitting that makes it an intensely discreet hearing aid that fits behind the ear. The housing is clear so that it blends nicely with any hair or skin color.

Invisipod is made without any seams and can resolve the hearing issues of anyone suffering from mild to moderately severe loss of hearing. This one is great for high frequency hearing loss.

One of the features of this device is the multiple sizes of silicon pillows that come with it to make it a snug and comfortable fit for any ear.

Another feature is the adaptive noise control that reduces any background noise making conversation easily understandable while the adaptive feedback control works to reduce feedback and the annoying whistle that hearing aids are known for.

What is the MicroPod?

The MicroPod is the hearing aid that will give you the highest amount of noise reduction. It has 32 channels that will automatically adjust to whatever your environment may be without you having to do the adjustments yourself.

These hearing aids resolve the hearing loss issues for people suffering from mild to moderately severe hearing loss. It works especially well for those with a high frequency loss of hearing.

The MicroPod is a great hearing aid to use when you are on the phone, and it is so small and discreet that no one will even know when you are wearing it!  It has an open fitting and with the use of the included silicon pillows will fit perfectly in any size ear canal.

When you want a hearing aid that is powerful, high quality and full of features but is also so incredibly discreet that people won’t even know you are wearing it, then you want the Micro Pod. The MicroPod also comes in a 4 channel model and is the very first in ear hearing aids that has an open fitting. That means that the air pressure inside of the ear canal is equal to the air pressure on the outside of the ear canal.

How is the pricing?

The MicroPod is the more reasonably priced out of the bunch. You can get one for $995 and both for $895 each. The Invisipod is priced at $1095 for one or $995 each when you buy 2 at a time.

That said, both types are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. They also come with a limited warranty for a full year.

What is the length of the battery time?

The length of the battery will depend on how long you leave it turned on. It is inevitable that at some point you will forget to turn it off though. Batteries are not going to be a problem for quite a while though because right now you get 52 batteries for free with any order!

Are there any environmental factors to be considered?

Not really. Any type of hearing environment that you will be in will have a setting with either the Invisipod or the MicroPod. One of the benefits of these hearing devices is that you will not be constantly pushing buttons to find the right channel for your specific hearing environment. With the 32 channel devices made by Hearpod, they automatically give you the right channel for your current environment.

What is the technology used by the Hearpod devices?

All of the devices that are made by Hearpod make use of state of the art, cutting edge digital technology. This is the best technology in the field right now for hearing aids. You can rest assured that you will be hearing just fine as soon as you get one of these great devices from Hearpod.

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