iHear Max behind the Ear Hearing Device Review

Selecting the right hearing amplification can be problematic, to say the least. They are far from cheap, so you definitely do not want to end up buying the wrong one. Sitting there and reading all of the sales material and reviews for a device like the iHearMax could take you hours. Plus, if you do not know much about hearing aids making sense of it all can be difficult.

Fortunately, we are here to assist. Over the years, we have built up the expertise to decipher all of the jargon and better understand what users are actually talking about in their reviews. We take all of that information, sift through it and summarize everything for each hearing aid and amplifier we are told about.

However, we appreciate that some of you have already completed your research and are actually looking for somewhere to buy the iHear Max behind- the-ear amplifier. In that case, click the button below to buy it direct from Amazon.

If you would prefer to learn more before you buy, you can read on to find out more.

Who makes the iHear Max?

This innovative practically invisible hearing aid is made by iHEAR. The company is run by a team of very experienced professionals including members who have worked in the field of developing medical devices for many years.

In 2009, they won the Medical Device Excellence Award. They recently developed the first FDA approved online hearing screener for those who want to buy OTC hearing enhancers. It is an innovation that makes it far easier for users to choose the right amplifier and tune their hearing devices into each ear so that they work effectively.

Who is the iHearMax designed for?

Like all Over the Counter (OTC) hearing devices, the Max is not designed to be used by those with severe hearing loss. However, it is usually a good option for those who are not yet profoundly deaf. You can use their hearing screener to help you to establish where you sit on the spectrum. However, we recommend that you also see a doctor about any sudden changes in your hearing. We do so because occasionally changes in hearing can be a sign of disease. During your consultation, your doctor will be able to advise you about whether your hearing loss is still at a stage where an amplifier style device will prove helpful.

How much is a home programmable iHear Max going to cost me?

This hearing amplifier is somewhere in the middle when it comes to pricing. There are other, far cheaper amplifiers available, but most people do not find these very cheap devices anywhere near as comfortable to wear or effective.

What do users think of the iHear Max hearing enhancers?

Ok, so now you understand what the iHear Max high definition hearing device is, you need to find out what actual users have to say about it.

How effective is this miniature hearing amplifier?

The iHear Max seems to be a very good amplifying device. However, if your hearing loss is in the higher frequencies it will not be as effective as getting a medically prescribed hearing aid fitted. This is, in fact, true of any amplifier style device.

How good are they when there is a lot of background noise?

Many users were really pleased with the way that these hearing amplifiers filtered out white noise. Their digital noise suppression technology appears to be very effective. There are 4 settings to choose from and the way they are set-up and balanced means a lot of users found the right balance for most situations.

Are there any issues with excessive feedback?

Initially, feedback can be an issue. However, once users found the right tips, adjusted how the device sat in their ear and got the setting right, it usually went away.

Is the sound quality good?

For the most part, people like the sound quality. A few even said that it produced natural sounding audio.

How comfortable are these hearing amplifiers to wear?

Generally speaking, these devices are very comfortable to wear. There is even a petite version available for those people with very small ears. In fact, iHear recommends that anyone under 5´3¨orders this option.

Users who are self-conscious about needing to use a hearing enhancer really liked he discreetness of this device. It slips behind the ear and the tube that leads into the ear canal is very fine. The size and design of this hearing aid means that it is very good for those people who have to wear glasses. It fits nicely behind the arms of most glasses frames.

One note of caution, you have to get the fit right; if you do not you can easily lose one of these little things.

Can they be worn in both ears?

You can wear these in both ears. Each unit can be independently adjusted to suit the hearing loss in that ear. However, you will need to use the software to be able to do that properly. Some users struggled with doing that.

Do iHear Max hearing amplifiers have rechargeable batteries?

You cannot use rechargeable batteries in this device. But, it seems to be OK when it comes to battery usage. We also like the fact that it comes with 2-months supply of batteries.

Do iHear offer a good level of customer support?

For simple issues, the customer support is fast and effective. However, some people with problems caused by more advanced issues reported that they could not get a resolution. Yet, this supplier appears to have given some sort of response to every question and issue raised in the reviews on Amazon. There is no doubt they are trying hard, but some customers are still not happy with their devices.

What is the warranty like?

There is a 30-day money back guarantee and a full 12-month warranty. From what we saw, they appear to be honoring these. Certainly, customers with problems had returned their devices and none complained about not getting their money back.

Can you buy spare iHear Max parts?

It is very easy to buy spare tips and tubes for this brand of hearing amplifier. They recommend your replacing the tips every month. This may or may not be necessary. But, you need to bear in mind that if the fit is not right in your ear canal you can end up experiencing feedback and screeching.

Where to buy the iHear Max hearing amplifier

Buying this discreet personal hearing amplifier from Amazon is really easy. Importantly, the iHear assistance team is very active on there, so if you have any questions you can usually get a very quick response from them there. If you are still looking for the perfect device then click here to find out which hearing amplifier we rated as the best on the market.

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