What is Hearpod?

Hearpod is a company that makes and sells hearing aids to people suffering from hearing loss. It was founded by a man named Randy Wohlers who is a hearing specialist. This man is dedicated to finding a solution for those who can’t hear well. Through his daily work with people suffering from this condition, he has used the knowledge that he has gained to create hearing aid devices that will fit the needs of hearing loss patients everywhere.

The hearing aids made by Hearpod are great quality products that you can adjust yourself right in your own home. The design is unique and it makes Hearpod hearing aids extremely comfortable to wear.

Due to the manufacturing facility being state of the art, these hearing aids made by Hearpod can save you thousands of dollars. This is because they sell directly to you with no overhead from brick and mortar stores, no distributors and no middle man. They also save money with their technology that allows them to manufacturer high quality devices at a lower cost.

The hearing aids made by Hearpod are backed by a 45 day guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you then send it back and get your money back. That is how sure they are that you will be happy with the devices.

Because they use silicone pillow fitting tips that are uber comfortable, you will always get a fit that is right for you. This also saves both money and time for getting custom ear molds done.

These hearing aids that Hearpod makes are affordable, effective and small. Yes, you will find hearing aids at lower prices but will they match Hearpod in terms of service, features and comfort as well as effectiveness?

These hearing aids also conform to your individual needs with the use of a recent audiogram.

What is Invisipod?


With the Invisipod you will be able to hear better when you are in groups. This device will fit any size ear with the use of the various silicon pillows. It is virtually invisible when it is in your ear and it features directional microphones!

Alright, now that’s out of the way…the Hearpod Invisipod happens to be the most high quality, discreet hearing aid on the market in the behind the ear category of hearing aids. The housing of the device is clear which makes it better able to be camouflaged with the skin and hair. It fits perfectly behind the ear and it is made to be completely seamless.

This Invisipod resolves hearing challenges of most baby boomers who suffer from mild to moderately severe hearing issues. It is recommended especially for hearing loss in the High Frequency range. The patent pending silicon pillow means that you get the comfort of an earpiece that is custom fitted to your ear.

Because the technology is 100% digital, you get sound that is natural throughout the entire hearing spectrum. Conversation is easy to understand because of the adaptive noise control of the digital hearing aid which reduces background noise. It also has an adaptive feedback control which assists in the reduction of whistling or feedback that is a common trait of hearing aids.

As far as the cost goes, these sell for $1095 each or $995 each when you buy them as a pair. Is that a fair price? That depends on how important hearing is to you.

You can get this hearing aid custom programmed by emailing or faxing the results of your exact audiogram to the company when you order. If you would prefer not to do that then you can get a pre-programmed Invisipod by choosing an audiogram that closely matches yours at checkout. There are 3 of them to choose from.

Is buying an Invisipod really going to help me?

The 32 channel Hearpod Invisipod will automatically adjust to your environment so that you never have to worry about pushing buttons…if you can find any…as with other hearing aids. The Invisipod is the highest rated of all of the Hearpod products.

How can I find out what other people say about the Invisipod?

Just as with everything else, there are reviews of the Invisipod to be found with a simple online search. In fact, because of this being a rather expensive purchase, it is highly recommended that you read what other people have to say about them. Users will tell you things that marketing companies and manufacturers won’t.

Is there an Invisipod warranty informational guide?

There is not really an information guide for the warranty information but if you check out the Hearpod official web site you can find all of the warranty information right there on the site. In fact that information is found on several pages of the site and is clearly stated so that it is totally understandable.

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