The MSA30x Sound Amplifier – Affordable and Effective

On this page, we are going to tell you about the msa30x sound amplifier.As you know, we have spent a lot of time researching hearing aids and we feel that this inexpensive yet powerful hearing amplifier could be just what many of our readers need.

A Hearing Amplifier Can Transform Your Life

If your hearing is failing, you will know what a negative effect it can have on your life. Not being able to enjoy the conversation at your table in a busy restaurant or go to the movies or theatre is not nice. You can feel your world narrowing as you lose touch with those around you. 

Many people know that a hearing aid could help them, but the problem is that they cannot afford the ones sold by the medical profession or on Main Street instead they have to rely on cheaper brands and models and there are many pitfalls when it comes to cheaper hearing aids. 

Fortunately, there is a middle way that helps thousands of people to get some of their hearing back – hearing amplifiers. 

If you can find a good hearing amplifier, you can once again enjoy dinner with friends. You will no longer have to ask your friends and family to repeat themselves. 

This will make a huge difference to the quality of your life.

   MSA 30x Specifications

   Weight – 0.3 ozs

   Ear buds – To make sure that the amplifier is comfortable there are six different shaped buds to        choose between.

   Dimensions – 8.2 x 6 x 2.8 inches 

   Rechargeable – Unlike most other hearing amplifiers this product is rechargeable.

   Fixing Mechanism – This is a behind the ear device.

   Multi ear usage – This device can be used in either the right or left ear. You can choose to just         use one or buy one for each ear.

Sound Magnification – The MSA amplifies all sound by a factor of 30. You can adjust the levels.

What is Included in the Price

The MSA costs only $29.95 plus shipping. However, there are often special offers on Amazon. They also have a reputation for shipping quickly and dealing with returns and questions fast.

Included in the price is the following:

  • One hearing device
  • Six ear buds
  • One recharging unit
  • Cleaning brush

Whilst researching hearing aids we realised how confusing and difficult it can be to get the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. It is frustrating the information is out there, but to access it you need to visit several sites and trawl through dozens of reviews. We realised that most people do not have time for this, so we decided to pull together what we had learned from the MSA30x hearing aid reviews that we have read. 

This article is designed to tell you what users of this hearing amplifier are actually saying about it. If you want to know more about the specifications and who the hearing aid is designed for please read our overview article.

What do Other Users say About this Hearing Aid?

OK, here is what we found out. 

The MSA 30x is a Good Hearing Amplifier

MSA30X Charging

The majority of the msa30x reviewswe read were positive. However, as is normal not everyone liked the product. This is not unusual with hearing aids. We know people who have tried dozens of different hearing amplifiers and aids, but have never found one that they like.

When it comes to hearing, everyone is slightly different. Our ears and ear canal are very different shape wise. 

The reasons behind hearing loss are many and varied. You need to understand what is causing your hearing loss to make sure that you buy the right kind of hearing aid for you. 

However, as we said most of the reviews we read were positive. Here are the highlights.

Low cost – The cost of this sound amplifier is normally between $20 – $30. Click here to find out the current price on amazon. If you order two, one for each ear you get free shipping. 

Effective – Most people found the MSA 30x effective. As the name indicates, it is designed to amplify sound a bit like a speaker does. It magnifies sound by as much as 30 times. 

Users said that they found the hearing aid worked in most situations. Some people said it took them a while to adjust to the fact they could hear things so far away. This aid amplifies all sound. That means you will need time to get used to it. If you are holding a conversation, you will need to learn to focus on the person you are speaking to. Some people said turning the gain down solved the problem of background noise being highlighted. Most people get the knack after a couple of days.

Adjustable – The degree of amplification can be adjusted. This is useful for people who have only minor hearing loss. 

Many people said it took a while to get the settings right for them. Some of the people who had two amplifiers said that they needed to set each earpieces on different levels. This is not surprising when you consider that each ear is slightly different. Many people lose their hearing in one ear faster than in the other. However, it is not something everyone is aware of until they buy a hearing aid, so if you struggle try setting them up for each ear.

Adaptable and Comfortable – To take care of everyone the makers of the MSA30x amplifier include six ear buds. Each bud is a slightly different size or shape. This means that most people reported that the hearing aid was comfortable to wear and use.

Discreet – The size was a big plus. It is small enough to fit even small ears, and the choice of ear buds means most people found that it fitted them. One MSA30x reviewsaid that it was so small and discreet that they forgot they were wearing it.

Lightweight – Its small size and the fact it is rechargeable makes this hearing amplifier extremely light.

Rechargeable – Many people commented on how much they appreciated the fact that the 30x is rechargeable. Not having to carry batteries around was a big plus. For older users with joint problems being able to plug the charger in instead of having to change the batteries was a big plus. It was far easier for them to plug in the charger than it was to handle fiddly little batteries.

Delivery – Some people who had ordered direct from the manufacturer found that they had to wait a while for delivery. Sorting out returns also proved problematic. For this reason, many people decided to buy from Amazon. Doing so also meant not going through the process of being offered extras that they did not really want.

In Conclusion

As you can see from our summary of the reviews of the MSA30x sound amplifier, it is a good option. The price is low enough to make it affordable and most users liked it. If you want to read more about the MSA30X then please have a look at our guide to the device. 

Where to Buy the MSA

This hearing amplifier is only available online. You can buy it from the manufacturer, but we recommend buying from Amazon.

We say this because some of the users who had bought their product direct complained that their product took a long time to arrive. They also said that they found the purchasing process long, because the company tried to sell them other products.

Using the MSA 30X

Once you get your hearing aid we recommend that you check that everything is there and read the instructions. Its also worth pointing out that you should always consult with an audiologist when trying a new hearing aid.

Charging the Battery for the First Time

You will need to charge the hearing aid before using it. It is important to do so as per the instructions.  

Resist the temptation to charge them for an hour and try your hearing aids out. We say this because doing so will affect how much charge they will hold in the long term.

With rechargeable batteries, the first charge is crucial. They have to go through the entire charge cycle the first time you charge them. If you do not do this, the battery will never charge properly. This will be very frustrating for you because you will have to take your hearing aid out and charge it halfway through the day. 

If you charge the battery fully when you get your hearing aid this will not be a problem. In normal use, the MSA will function for between 12 and 14 hours.

Select Your Ear Bud


Using the right ear bud is important. You may be lucky and find that the one that is fitted to the hearing aid is perfect for you. If it is not it is not a problem because changing the bud is easy and not too fiddly.

When choosing the right ear bud the first consideration is comfort. Choose a shape that you think will fit your ear comfortably. 

It is very easy to change the bud. Resist the temptation to try the bud in your ear without it being attached to the hearing aid. 

There are two reasons for this. First, it can be difficult to fish the bud out when it is not attached to the hearing aid. The last thing you need is to have to ask someone to dig the bud out of your ear.

Secondly, if the bud is attached to the hearing aid you will get a much better idea of whether it is the right one for you. 

Take Time to Get Used to Your Hearing Aid

Regardless of the type of hearing aid or amplifier you buy, it will take time to get used to wearing it. You need to persevere and retrain your brain. 

The fact that all sound is amplified can be off putting, at first, but if you practice, you will be surprised at how quickly you get used to it. Only when you learn to tune out background noises and focus on the sound that you want to hear will you be able to benefit from wearing a hearing amplifier.

Fortunately, the MSA30x hearing aid is a good product. It allows you to adjust the levels. Take advantage of this fact and change the position of the hearing aid and the levels until you find settings that work for you.

Hear Again Without Breaking the Bank

As you can see, the MSA hearing aid has the potential to give you back some of your hearing without breaking the bank. We have read a lot about hearing aids in the process of putting this site together and we think this hearing amplifier is a good option.

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