ReSound is a company which manufacturers hearing aids. In fact, they are one of the biggest such companies in the world. They have been around since 1943 and now have offices in over 25 countries worldwide. The company was the first to develop Wide Dynamic Range Compression as well as Digital Feedback Suppression. The company currently has six hearing aid models available, which are briefly described below.

Which ReSound Hearing Aids Are Currently Available?

The ReSound hearing aid range consists of six current designs, as well as a seventh which is in the process of being released to the public soon (the ReSound LiNX). Each of the six available models provide a choice for people who have certain preferences or budget. These include:

  • ReSound Verso
  • ReSound Verso TS
  • ReSound Alera
  • ReSound Lex
  • ReSound Sparx
  • ReSound Vea

The ReSound Verso TS has been created specifically for people with tinnitus. This very common yet still little recognized condition can cause havoc in a person’s daily life, particularly when it reaches the more severe stages. The characteristic ringing in the ears associated with this condition can result in a person having difficulty in identifying sounds around them.

The ReSound Alera is a receiver in the ear aid, which has been created for people who have mild to severe hearing loss. This highly sensitive hearing aid allows a person to able to hear sounds as quiet as a child’s whisper in a loud room, allowing someone with a severe hearing impairment to be able to comfortable converse in environments where there may be many other voices, or other distracting background sounds.

The ReSound Lex hearing aid comes in two versions: Lex 8 and Lex 4. This is a general hearing aid design that suits people who need a quick, fuss-free solution. The design of the Lex is such that it is crafted for the natural shape of the ear and is basically invisible inside the ear. It is particularly popular with glasses wearers. The Lex is excellent for outdoor use due to the wind noise protection and ability to automatically adapt to changing environments without the user having to touch settings.

Said to be targeted at “super power users”, the ReSound Sparx is made for people with profound hearing loss only. With 86 dB gain and 145 dB SPL, it has very strong gain and output. This is a behind the ear design only and has been created to provide the best technology and power at a value for money price point. It does this without the annoying and unwelcome whistling or squealing sounds that can so often be experienced with lesser quality hearing aids of this type.

ReSound LiNX

The ReSound LiNX is the latest and possibly greatest hearing aid that the company has ever developed. It is brand new, and not available yet for purchase. However, you can sign up on the ReSound website to be one of the first people to try it out.

Resound LiNX

The company calls it “the world’s smartest hearing aid”. This is quite a bold claim to make, so what is it exactly that makes this hearing aid so great? The fact that it has been made to be extremely small in size is one of the biggest selling points of this brand new hearing aid.

The good thing to keep in mind about the very small size of the LiNX is that it is still able to be used by people with severe hearing loss. The ReSound LiNX has been made for the latest iPad, iPhone and iPod so that users are able to take advantage of the surround sound that is output by these devices. It is meant to feel like you are wearing a headset, that also doubles as your hearing aids.

Surround Sound by ReSound is a technology that the company has been working on, and have fully integrated into the LiNX. This surround sound experiences works even if the sound is not streaming from the iPad or similar device. In other words, surround sound is delivered to the ears even when it is picked up by the hearing aids. This technology both processes and enhances sound.

So what are the benefits of being able to plug in to a iPod or other such device? One example is where you are having a video call with another party, through the device. The ReSound LiNX aims to make human conversation extremely clear, even if the person is not standing right next to you. The ability to use the LiNX through an iPad or other device opens up a whole new world in terms of allowing the hearing impaired to access and use various apps to their full capability, not to mention being able to listen to music unimpeded.

As part of the LiNX hearing aid, users also get access to the ReSound Smart app. This allows detailed fine tuning of sound according to the user’s specific preferences and needs, as well as a number of other customisations.

Does ReSound Sell Hearing Aid Accessories Too?

Resound mini mic

The company has a number of wireless accessories that they have created to enhance their hearing aid products. The accessories focus on giving ReSound wireless hearing aids the ability to function as a wireless headset. This expands the hearing capabilities of the hearing aid considerably, allowing a person to hear specific sounds even in louder, distracting environments, or from a greater distance.

The Unite Mini Microphone accessory, for example, allows the streaming of sounds and voices directly to the hearing aid. This is achieved by clipping the mic on to the person you are speaking to. In family and other certain situations, this can mean all the difference in having a pleasant, stress-free conversation with excellent sound clarity.

ReSound are truly a leader in hearing aid technology and design, and their hearing aid products, in particular the soon to be available ReSound LiNX, are taking hearing aids into the future – with huge benefits for the people who are using them.

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