Is the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 a good hearing amplifier?

If you suffer from slight to more moderate hearing loss you will be keen to find a product that can help you to hear with clarity. You also want a product that is discreet and will not interfere with your life. This is where the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 can be so useful. So what can you expect from this amplifier and it does it really work?

The Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 Explained

The Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 is a hearing amplifier that was designed for those with moderate or slight loss of hearing. It is not intended for use by anyone who has a more severe hearing problem. The product claims to boost sound by 50+ decibels, making hearing ambient sounds and those further away much clearer to the user. This amplification is achieved using a swivelling microphone that has sensitivity over 90 degrees.  

When you purchase the SuperEar Plus SE7500you will receive the sound amplifier which weighs in at just 3oz, a carry case, a pair of headphones and a pair of earbuds. 2 AAA batteries are also included and these can give you around 80 hours of use, which is pretty impressive for such a low cost product.

Who Should Buy the Product?

As mentioned the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 is only for people who have slight to moderate hearing loss. If you have a more profound issue with your hearing you will not get the boost that you need to be able to hear clearly. So if you find that you have difficulty in hearing the television, people speaking in public or while you are at the theatre, this is for you. As the product amplifies sound to 50+ decibels and will allow you to hear sounds from up to 100 yards away. So for those times when you need that extra bit of help to hear clearly, this is a great product choice.

Benefits of the SuperEar Plus

Before taking a closer look at the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 I assumed that the product would not live up to its claims, however, I was wrong. There are so many benefits and plus points of this amplifier that it is easier to list them all. 

The set arrives well packaged and everything is included as stated on the product description.

Setting up the Sonic SuperEar Plus is so simple and straightforward that anyone can do it. Simply unpack the product from the box, put the batteries in place, but the amplifier back into a carry case, choose the headphones that you want to use and plug them in, then turn the volume down of low as possible before switching on. The reason for this is that you can increase the volume level slowly as you are speaking to someone. This will prevent any unexpected loud noises that occur from being able to hear clearly.

The amplifier is really comfortable to use – especially since you can choose the type of earphones that you use. Many people don’t like the sensation of earbuds whereas others don’t like the bulky headphones.

Using the product at a meeting made it much easier to hear what everyone was saying, even if the meeting room was large.

The 80 hour battery time is very accurate. So if you are looking for a product that will last for days without needing new batteries, this is perfect. 

Any Problems?

Superear plus hearing amplifier

As with the majority of products there are some people who experience problems with the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500, but these are few and far between. Here are some of the issues that we have been able to find:

Some people find that the amplification of can be too much for them – for instance the sound of traffic outside. 

Wearing headphones or earbuds can be distracting for some – however, with time most people will find that they get used to them quickly.

There is no balance roll on the amplifier which can make listening to music quite difficult. Remember that this was designed for use with mid range sounds – such as voices and TVs.

Does it work?

In one word – yes. The Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 is the ideal amplifier if you want to improve your hearing when in conversation, when watching TV, when you are in a meeting, in church or anywhere else. It is small, discrete and lightweight and can provide you with the amplification that you need. 

Where to Buy the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500

If you would like to try out the Sonic SuperEar Plus SE7500 for yourself and open up a new world of clear sounds you can buy yours from Amazon by clicking here. When you shop at Amazon you will be able to use their payment processing which gives you protection as a buyer. You will also be able to find the product at a price that suits you and as all sellers are rated on the site you will not be buying from anyone with a poor reputation. So if you want to get an excellent product shipped straight to your door within a few days this is the place to buy from.

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