Sound World Solutions CS10 Hearing Amplifier

When it comes to hearing amplifiers and hearing aids it’s possible to spend a fortune on the latest device. When we came across the sound worlds solutions cs10 however, we where shocked at its price tag. For a modestly priced device, users can expect to receive a sleek looking hearing amplifier that packs a punch when it comes to features.

The device feels high end, and with bluetooth and iphone integration buyers, can expect to feel happy and confident with their purchase. Designed to ensure that users are able sounds in any environment via its customisation app, this hearing amplifier has proved popular with hearing loss suffers and with it priced below $300 makes it especially attractive to those looking to make a long term investment in their hearing without breaking the bank. The CS10 can be purchased directly from amazon and its currently eligible for free shipping. 

Calibrate your device without the need for an audiologist

Any hearing loss suffer knows the frustration that comes from trying to cope with ever changing environments, loud background sounds and varying noise levels. Trying to ensure that your hearing amplifier works for you in every circumstances can be challenging. This often results in multiple trips to see an audiologist to have your device custom programmed to your hearing.

With the sound words CS10 you can now do this whenever and where ever you like. An accompanying app, which Sound Worlds calls the “customising app” guides the user through the process of customising and tailoring the device to their hearing. The device also comes with 3 pre-set programmes that you can use straight away. Hearling loss suffers that are not tech savvy need not fear either, the app is super easy to use and there is plenty of help in the instruction manual that comes with it.

How did using the CS10 compare to the claims?

Sound Worlds claim that the cs10 will help users hear everything around them in crystal clarity. Users can expect to have a superior and enhanced listening experience when using the device in what are normally difficult places for hearing loss sufferers:

  • Business meetings
  • Family gatherings
  • Phone calls
  • Watching television
  • Movies and theater
  • Conversations

When using the device, we found the audio quality to be superb. Speech that previously sounded unintelligible and muffled sounded distinct and crisp. When we tested the device under different environments we got similar results. There was some initial difficulty in getting the customiser app to calibrate but once we got the hang of it it was all straight forward from there.

Almost Universally Positive Reviews for others

The reviews of the Sound World Solutions CS10 on Amazon were almost universally positive. Out of 44 full reviews we read, only eight people rated it less than four stars. 

Even those who did not get on with the device were complementary about the Amazon supplier. They said they got a replacement or their money back quickly when they realised this particular hearing device was not for them. They key reasons why people are praising the device on amazon are listed below. 

  • Comfortable – Real thought has gone into the design and you will really notice the comfort factor when wearing the device.
  • Compact – Whilst not the smallest device it certainly is compact. Its sleek design makes it look more like a bluetooth headset than a hearing amplifier.
  • Rechargeable – It takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge
  • Adjustable – The device comes with 3 different sized ear domes so you can find the perfect fit.
  • Long lasting battery – typical use 9 or 10 hours, but some users report 14 hours as normal
  • Second battery included – this is ideal for busy days or for when travelling
  • App provides programmable settings – The app is the perfect way to manage your settings as it makes everything simple and straightforward

Why Amazon is the safest place to buy the CS10

Amazon is a trusted company with a good reputation. Often you can buy products on Amazon for less than you would pay elsewhere. For higher priced items, free shipping is usually included. 

The fact Amazon takes reviews from buyer is a big pluses. It means that anyone who is selling sub standard goods is quickly identified and ousted.

What you get in the box

If you buy from amazon you get the following :

  • A single in-ear amplifier
  • Two rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • The charger
  • Three sets of ear tips
  • A case
  • A link to download an App for Android Smartphones and Bluetooth enabled PC

How much does it cost?

How much you pay for your CS10 depends a little on whether there are any special offers. Usually on Amazon, you can buy a single unit for a one for their left ear and one for the right, much reduced price. If you buy elsewhere, you can expect to pay up to $349.99. Most people choose to buy just one and wear it in the ear which is worst affected by hearing loss.

However, some people will need to buy two, one for their left ear and one for the right, in which the cost doubles. Remember to double check you are buying for the correct ear before you hit the buy button.

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