Sound World Solutions CS50

If you have tried hearing amplifiers without success, this page contains some very good news for you. We have found a new type of hearing amplifier that overcomes the issue that most people have with sound amplifiers. It is called the Sound World Solutions CS50. 

On this page, we provide a full Sound World Solutions CS50 review. Here we explain the product features and tell you what actual users are saying about the product.

However, before we do that we want to explain to you the difference between this product and other, older, lower tech sound amplifiers. Once you understand the difference, you will see why we are so excited about this hearing enhancer and why it is such good news for people who have struggled to find an affordable solution to their hearing loss.

Why the CS50 is Different

Perhaps the biggest problem people have with hearing amplification systems is the fact that they amplify all sound. This means that the conversation of the person you are speaking to is louder, which is great. However, what is not so great is that the sound of the neighbour’s dog barking in the background and your son’s music is also much louder.

It is hard to screen the enhanced background noises out and focus on what is being said. In the end, many people give up trying and go back to trying to lip read, and just stop going to the theatre, concerts and the cinema.

Adjustable Sound Enhancement

The CS50 overcomes that issue by allowing the user to adjust how the amplifier enhances sound. There are three pre-programmed settings, but it is also possible for users to customise the settings and save the best set for them. These settings allow the user to manipulate which frequencies of sound are picked up and enhanced and which are heard but not made so loud that they overwhelm what they user really needs to hear.

If you are in a noisy environment and need to focus on the conversation of the person in front of you there is a setting for that too. The restaurant setting allows sounds behind the wearer to be softened making it easier for the user to focus on the voice of the person sitting in front, or next to, them.

This hearing aid really does overcome the problem most people had with the older types of sound amplifiers, which is why we are keen for our readers to know about it.

Our Sound world solutions cs50 wireless review

You canbuy them for a very good price from Amazon, which means you could be enjoying better hearing within days of reading this page.


Price: between $349.99 and $399.99 per ear

Batteries – Two rechargeable batteries, which last for 15 hours

Charger – yes, double charger is included

Ear tips – 3 types

Case – yes, compact carrying case

Cleaning kit – yes

Weight – 11.2ozs

Dimensions – 9.5 x 7 x 2.6 – small enough to be comfortable and discrete

One year limited warranty 

Additional Features

A free app – this allows you to customise the settings of your device. This app can be used on Android and iOS7 devices.

Bluetooth – this feature lets you pair the device with your phone and other entertainment devices. You can also use it as an alternative to a hands free kit when in the car. It also enables you to stream music, audio books and movie soundtracks straight to your ear.

Who is the CS50 Bluetooth Sound Amplifier Suitable for?

At this point, we need to remind our readers that if they are losing their hearing they need to see their doctor before buying a hearing device. This is because some hearing loss can be reversed or slowed, so early assessment and diagnosis of the underlying cause is essential.

In addition, once you have done this you will know if a hearing amplifier or a medical grade hearing device is the best solution for you. If you are able to use a hearing amplifier the CS50 is a great option. The fact it can be customised makes it suitable for most people.

Where can the CS50 be used?

This hearing device is designed for use in the following settings:

  • One on one conversation
  • Parties and other large gatherings
  • Outdoor events including sports events
  • For making and receiving phone calls
  • Business meetings
  • Movie theatres
  • Watching Television
  • In restaurants and other noisy environments such as airports

The Sound World Solutions CS50 Wireless Bluetooth Sound Amplifier in Action

This is quite a new device, but it has sold well, so there are quite a few user reviews available to read on retail websites, review sites and hearing loss forums. As a result, we have been able to get a fairly good understanding of the pros and cons of this new type of hearing amplification system and have laid them out for you below.


Comfortable – only two people reported not being able to find an earpiece that worked for them everyone else reported that it was very comfortable.

Easy to operate – again nobody said it was hard to use or change the program.

Good batteries – the batteries charge quickly and they last

Customer support – practically everyone, including those who had issues, said the customer support was excellent.


Pairing issue – some users said that, at times, their device would not pair with their phone, however this was intermittent and was quickly solved by turning both devices on and off again. 

Tinny voice sound – when the device is paired with your phone you may sound tinny to the person you are speaking to depending on your surroundings and back ground noise levels.

Case is too big – some users said the case was too big for their pocket.

Magnetic batteries – people loved the magnetic battery cap, but they can be knocked loose.

In Summary – Should you buy?

The CS50 is not perfect, but it is close and is excellent for the price. . There are a few glitches, but they are exactly that, nothing more. 

The ability to adjust the way the sound is amplified is a huge plus and makes this one of the best hearing amplifiers on the market. At Amazon, you can find out more and buy from a reputable retailer who offers free shipping as well as good support.

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