Unitron Hearing Aids

When you start searching for a quality hearing aid product, you will most likely find that there are only a handful of brands that really get your attention, whether it be due to their great reputation, high quality hearing aids, or the fact that their product simply suit your needs better than others.

One brand that often falls into these categories for people is Unitron. Below you will find some information about the company, as well as important details about the hearing aids and related accessories that they have created and sell. Hopefully, this will assist you in deciding whether Unitron hearing aids are what you have been looking for.

Who are Unitron?

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Unitron is a company which designs hearing assistance products such as hearing aids and accessories for them. They have a large team of over 100 audiologists as well as research and development professionals who are constantly working to create innovative, unique products which feature a number of now highly recognised and respected patented technologies. These include:

Tandem – this was the first CROS/BiCROS system that uses an automatic program.

Smart Alert – the first completely integrated hearing system and household alert system.

uHear – Unitron created this self-administered screening test which was the first of its kind. available on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, it was been used by more than half a million people in the first year of release.

AntiShock – an important technology that Unitron created, which enables the identification and immediate control of sudden loud noises, without impacting on regular speech and other important sounds.

What Types Of Hearing Aids Does Unitron Make?

Unitron Quantum

There are different types of hearing aids based on various needs and uses of technology, as well as they way they are worn by the person. This allows people to select a style or type that best suits their preferences. Unitron has hearing aids that cover the most commonly used styles and some niche styles that are attracting attention, including Receiver-in-canal (RIC), Behind the ear (BTE), Completely-in-the-canal (CIC), Micro-completely-in-the-canal (micro CIC), In-the-canal (ITC), Half shell (ITE), and Full shell (ITE).

Each of these styles of hearing aids from Unitron are available in a range of colors, allowing people to customize their selection according to taste. The Behind-the-ear (BTE) style in particular has a large selection of colors ranging from black, brown and beige, to brighter pink, blue and red.

Which Hearing Aid Products Does The Company Sell?

Unitron has an extensive range of hearing aid products. Their current line up consists a variety of unique aids that meet different and specific needs. This includes:

  • Quantum and Quantum 2
  • Moxi and Moxi 2
  • Max
  • Passport
  • Latitude
  • Shine
  • 360
  • Tandem

Tandem is an interesting hearing aid from Unitron, as it is a CROS/BiCROS system developed for people who have good hearing in only one ear. This system design uses the widely recognized CROS technology to deliver sound from the good ear, to the bad ear.

Then there is the Max hearing aid, which is described as a “super power hearing aid”. It was created for people who have very severe hearing loss and it works by moving sounds away from the most damaged hearing areas, so they can be heard in the range where the user can hear them best. Additionally, there is a safeguard against the shock of hearing a sudden loud noise, as the Max is able to reduce the loudness of these unexpected sounds.

The Quantum 2 system is focused on delivering natural sound, even when there is distracting background noise. There are four levels available, each one progressively allowing better hearing to be experienced in a range of environments. The basic 10 model is useful for quiet conversations and children’s voices, as well as television and phone hearing. The 16 includes all that but is also useful for hearing well whilst in the car, out shopping, in restaurants, in meetings, and similar situations.

The more advanced 20 and Pro level Quantum 2 hearing aids provide additional capabilities that allow this system to work well in church environments, and for music and entertainment situations. The Pro level Quantum 2 takes it a step further, being designed for use in even the most demanding of social situations, where voices and sounds may be coming from multiple directions and from multiple people at once, as well as other background sounds such as music.

How Do You Know Which Unitron Hearing Aid Is Right For You?

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Your audiologist or specialist healthcare practitioner will advise you on the type of hearing aid that suits your particular circumstance. The factors that are taken into consideration include the degree or severity of your hearing loss, the type of hearing loss you have, how your ear is shaped and what your aesthetic preferences are, if you have any specific lifestyle considerations, your occupation, and of course, your budget. When selecting the perfect hearing aid from Unitron, all of these factors will be discussed with your specialist doctor, in order to assist you in making the absolute right decision.

How often would you need to replace Unitron hearing aids?

The company says that the style of hearing aid, as well as how often you wear them are amongst the factors that will determine the lifespan of Unitron hearing aids. However, they quote four to five years as being the standard time period that most people will look to replace their hearing aids with a new set.

Where Can You Buy Unitron Hearing Aids?

Unitron does not sell directly to the public. Instead, their hearing aid products are able to be purchased through their authorized distributors, as well as through health care professionals. This is because the company wishes to ensure that people are purchasing the absolute best hearing aid product for their own specific circumstances, as advised by a professional.

Unitron is a leading and innovative creator of hearing aid technologies that has resulted in life changing results for people who would otherwise not be able to enjoy their life to their maximum capability, due to their hearing loss. This has made Unitron an extremely respected and sought after brand in the world of hearing aids.

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