Who are Hearpod and what kinds of hearing aids do they make?

Who are Hearpod?

Hearpod is a company that makes hearing aids that are more practical and affordable than prescription hearing aids. The company was founded by a man by the name of Randy Wohlers. This man has dedicated his entire life to finding a way to help those suffering from hearing loss. With the knowledge that he gained while working as a hearing specialist he has tried to create hearing aids that will work for all types of hearing loss.

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The hearing aids made by Hearpod are of a great quality. They can even be self-adjusted without you having to take them to the office or send them off. The unique design of these hearing aids make them the most comfortable types of hearing aids to wear.

These hearing aids are made in a state of the art facility and the way that they are made combined with how they are sold can save you thousands of dollars.

See, they sell directly to you. This means that they have no overhead for a brick and mortar store. They have no costs for distributors or even for any type of middle man. They also use the very latest in technology when it comes to making the hearing aids which allows them to make higher quality products for lower costs. They money that they save from selling this way gets passed along to you in the form of lower prices on their products.

The question is this: Will your hearing be improved with one of the Hearpod products? You will have to call or visit the site in order to find out.

If you do get the hearings aids and they do not work well for you then you can always return them within 30 days for a full refund.

The super comfortable silicon pillow combined with a shell that is state of the art means that you get a perfect fit. This saves you even more time and money because you do not have to get custom ear molds.

The hearing aids made by Hearpod are affordable, effective and small. Yes, you can find other devices on the market for less but none of them live up to the service, effectiveness, features and comfort of the Hearpod hearing aids.

There is even a new self-programming feature that lets Hearpod conform to your own individual hearing loss with the use of a recent audiogram.

What kinds of hearing aids do they make?

The MicroPodis available in a 32 channel version and a 4 channel version. There are no buttons that you need to push because the hearing aid will self-adjust to the right channel for every environment. These are great for those with mild to severe loss of hearing and those with a loss of high frequency hearing.

The Invisipod also comes with 32 channels but has a directional microphone and an open fit and is the type that fits behind the ear. Because the housing is clear it is virtually invisible unless you know it is there.

This one is great for meetings, lectures, church, TV and more!

The Hearpal is the smallest and the one that costs the least but that is because it is not really a hearing aid but more of an amplifier. It doesn’t require a prescription and is a very discreet device that fits snugly yet comfortably in the ear with the use of the silicon pillows.

Do you need a prescription?

No, you do not need a prescription for Hearpod hearing aids. If you have a recent audiogram you can fax or email it to them when you place your order so that your hearing aids will be custom made to your needs. If you don’t have a recent audiogram then you can select the severity of your hearing loss when you purchase the hearing aids.

What is the price range?

The price for the Hearpal is $379 for one or $700 for the pair.

The MicroPod retails at $995 for one or $895 each when you order two.

The Invisipod sells for $1095 for one or $995 each when you order two.

Who are they right for?

The Hearpal is more of an amplifier than an actual hearing aid and as such it is great for when you are having a conversation with soft spoken people or even when you are in church.

MicroPod and Invisipod are hearing aids and are great for use on the phone, listening to music, watching TV, or really in any hearing environment.

How can I find out more about the Hearpod hearing aid range?

Reviews are the best way to find out about things like this. People that have actually used them can be a wealth of information. All that you need to do to find these reviews is just to execute a quick online search for them. These are not cheap so it is best to find the best one for you at the best price you can get.

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